Where to buy a covid treatment

Where to buy HCQ – hydroxychlorquine

hydroxychlorquine is widely available on the Internet, from sites such as  hydroxychloroquine24h.com

HCQ is an easy to take pill, that requires no special preparation.

Where to buy CDS – Chlorine dioxide Solution

Chlorine dioxide Solution is not a pharmaceutical product, so you cannot get it from the  chemists.  But you can get ´medicinal´ Chlorine dioxide on-line.  Chlorine dioxide is sold widely as a water purifier in pill form, which is not what you want.

Where to buy CDS Ready to Use

If you do not already have CDS prepared, it is quickest to buy it on-line ready to use from

Spain/EU – www.dioxilife.com  or  www.activatedmineralsolution.com

USA –   https://www.mmshealthy4life.com/cds.html   for delivery to the UK

Where to buy the CDS Kit

Spain/EU – www.dioxilife.com  or  www.activatedmineralsolution.com or

UK – www.atlantiswps.com    They do not give their address on the website, but they assured me that they were based in the UK

Click  How to make CDS – see Kalcker video  or contact me through the contact form

click Covid Protocol for info on the Protocols to follow

The best way to keep safe from Covid is keep a bottle of CDS (Chlorin Dioxide Solution)  in the fridge ready to go.


CDS is an energiser and is successful in treating a range of conditions and illnesses.  So if you other health issues, then CDS is worth the extra effort.

For instant protection against covid,  HCQ is the easiest treatment, especially if you have a delicate stomach, which will make CDS difficult to take initially.

Editor´s note :  I have a genetic neuroligical condition that is on hold thanks to CDS.   I reckon that CDS will prolong my useful life.

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