G5 makes Covid worse?

Most computer experts insist that G5 has nothing to do with Covid. But others contend that G5 makes Covid worse.   Corona virus is nothing new and existed in the test tube well before 2019, as evidenced by the patent taken out in 2016.   Others would  say that Covid19 virus does not really exist, rather it is  is result of 5G.

Covid exists without G5

The experience of Bolivia and other countries in Latin America tells us that a Covid virus really does exist.  Bolivia etc had many Covid deaths in their winter, in spite of not having G5.

G5 kills birds and bees ?

But G5 could have an effect, especially when birds  and bees have been found dead near the G5 towers.

G5 dead birds
Over 300 birds were found dead after the 5G mast was switched on in Llandudno, Anglesey UK.

See North Wales News for the full story.  Vodafone of course deny it has anything to do with 5G.   search google images for “G5 birds dead” and you will see many more images.

G5 kills bees

See macdailynews for the story about 100s of dead bees near 5G masts in California.   search google images for “G5 bees dead” and you will see many more images.

Needless to say that the fact checker web sites say that there are no links between bird and bee death and 5G.  But there have been no scientific tests to prove that 5G is safe,  only the opinion of experts who are largely financed by the 5G establishment.

Covid seems worse with G5

Covid seems more severe in cities with 5G.  The virus seems more virulent and more difficult to recover from.     It seems that G5 weakens the immune system making us more vulnerable the Covid.

COVID19 a mask for G5 ?

Many people in G5 hot spots have been coming down with flu-like symptoms.   Janet Ossebaard, a top researcher from the Nethelands put forward this idea and many more in her 4 part exposé on Covid19.  Click Covid19-documentary to see Part l.

Click CDS Reports in English to see links to Parts 2 to 4

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