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CE5 Contact Valencia

CE5 contact valencia is about Close Encounters of the 5th kind, following the protocols developed by Dr Stephen Greer.

To make contact with multi-dimentional Star Beings (ie ETs) , you need a raised consciousness, and this can only be achieved through meditation.  The protocols are guided meditations that use advanced telepaphy to connect with other dimentions.

The CE5 contacts / mediations are planned to take place once a month at the time of the new moon when the sky is darkest. They wiĺl be on high ground close to Valencia,  away from distracting lights.

CE5 power spot
CE5 Valencia Power Place

The objective is to connect with Star Beings and if the  intention is right, we could be lucky and get to see a UFO.  Dr Stephen Greer has more than 25 years experience of contacting ETs and has a mass of footage of UFO sitings at his contact events / meditations.

Next CE5 Valencia Meditation

The next  CE5 Contact Meditation will be on Saturday March 13th starting at 7pm.   Fingers crossed that the current restrictions are lifted by then.   to take part, please contact me via the contact form or email petehesk @

Monoliths  USOs

If there is any doubt about the reality of ETs, then the recent appearance of 100s of perfectly shaped metalic monoliths (Unexplained Static Objects)  all over the world should dispel any doubts as to whether or not there is something out there.  See MonolithTracker website for more.

5th Dimension

Many in the spiritual world believe that 2021 is seeing the start of the move from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension.  To be part of this experience , you need a raised consciousness. CE5 Contact will help you get there.

CDS Reports in English

Here are some useful links to CDS information in  English

Covid cured in Ecuador

Click Covid cured in Ecuador for a  brief video by Andreas Kalcker talking about CDS success in Ecuador.   This link will only work on a smart phone and needs the Telegram app.

COMUSAV – CDS Cures Covid – Report

COMUSAV is the  Global health and life Coalition (Coalicion mundial salud y vida) and the report is presented by 22 doctors and 3 scientists from many different countries including Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Bolivia, Spain & Switzerland.
Click COMUSAV for the report translated into English. The original report waas written in Spanish.

The report includes a summary of 11 studies on Chlorine Dioxide that found no unwanted side effects, and much technical information, and pleas to national governments to legalise Chlorine dioxide for the treatment of Covid.

The Conclusions on page 46 include the following:-

“The death rate in Bolivia went down from 100 a day in early September to 6 a day in early November, after implementing the law allowing CDS use, and the cities that have applied it have been infection free for over 1 month.
The more than 3000 doctors of the COMUSAV association that have used CDS as a prophylactic measure did not get infected with Covid, even in high infection areas, with no reported side effects at all, taking it on a daily basis for several months”

The Vaccine is Dangerous

Click The Vaccine is Dangerous  for a video in English from honest experts warning of the dangers.  The Doctors’ testimony starts after 25 minutes, with introduction by blogger Polly St George of Canada.  But it worth seeing it all to get the whole picture.

Janet OsseBaard Documentaries

Janet Ossebaard is a top researcher from the Netherlands and has put together a 4 part exposé on the Covid19 phenomena.

Covid Part 1 starts with the definitive statement that Covid19 does exist, it is NOT a hoax.  From then on it is full of information that Bill Gates and the World Health Organisation would not like you to know.

Click here for the documentary parts :-

Janet Ossebaard refers to the Cabal frequently. If you like her style, then you will find her 10 part documentary on the Fall of the Cabal rivetting.  Here is the link to Fall Cabal Part s 1-10.

G5 makes Covid worse?

Most computer experts insist that G5 has nothing to do with Covid. But others contend that G5 makes Covid worse.   Corona virus is nothing new and existed in the test tube well before 2019, as evidenced by the patent taken out in 2016.   Others would  say that Covid19 virus does not really exist, rather it is  is result of 5G.

Covid exists without G5

The experience of Bolivia and other countries in Latin America tells us that a Covid virus really does exist.  Bolivia etc had many Covid deaths in their winter, in spite of not having G5.

G5 kills birds and bees ?

But G5 could have an effect, especially when birds  and bees have been found dead near the G5 towers.

G5 dead birds
Over 300 birds were found dead after the 5G mast was switched on in Llandudno, Anglesey UK.

See North Wales News for the full story.  Vodafone of course deny it has anything to do with 5G.   search google images for “G5 birds dead” and you will see many more images.

G5 kills bees

See macdailynews for the story about 100s of dead bees near 5G masts in California.   search google images for “G5 bees dead” and you will see many more images.

Needless to say that the fact checker web sites say that there are no links between bird and bee death and 5G.  But there have been no scientific tests to prove that 5G is safe,  only the opinion of experts who are largely financed by the 5G establishment.

Covid seems worse with G5

Covid seems more severe in cities with 5G.  The virus seems more virulent and more difficult to recover from.     It seems that G5 weakens the immune system making us more vulnerable the Covid.

COVID19 a mask for G5 ?

Many people in G5 hot spots have been coming down with flu-like symptoms.   Janet Ossebaard, a top researcher from the Nethelands put forward this idea and many more in her 4 part exposé on Covid19.  Click Covid19-documentary to see Part l.

Click CDS Reports in English to see links to Parts 2 to 4