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Chlorine Dioxide Science

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) has been the subject of numerous scientific reviews.  Here are some of the findings.  “Forbidden Health”, Andreas Kalcker’s book, is compelling.  I recommend it.

ClO2 Oxidation Potential

ClO2 has an oxidation potential of E 0.95 volts, more than 54% less than Ozone (E2.07 volts) and 30% less than Chlorine (E1.36 volts).  It is the oxidation that kills the bad cells.  But too much oxidation, as in Ozone, will damage good as well as bad cells.


ClO2 gas in solution is pH selective

ClO2 (gas) is pH selective. The human body has a pH of 7.3.  Alkaline pH is greater than 7.3, Acidic pH is less.  The more acidic the pathogen, the greater the reaction ClO2 gas creates. ClO2 gas only kills the bad cells.

Chlorine Anion in Humans

Chlorine (Cl) is the most abundant anion in the human body.  It has the ability to enter and leave cells  with sodium or potassium or combine with major cations such as calcium.  Chlorine and Chlorine dioxide are quite different from derived chemical cleaners, such as bleach.

Chlorine dioxide leaves is no residue.

ClO2  reacts to hydrochloric acid, the acid in the stomach and oxidates.  The oxidation process turns it into oxygen and sodium chloride (salt).  Both are easily absorbed and no damaging residue is left to upset the gut bacteria.

Chlorine dioxide improves Neuron Conductivity

Neurons are nerve cells that transfer information within the body.  They use two types of signals to communicate: electrical signals (long-distance) and chemical signals (short-distance).   Google “Neurons Synapses Signaling” for more information.

Salt increases conductivity.  Chlorine dioxide puts  pure sodium chloride  (salt)  into the body.   It stands to reason that the ClO2 salt will improve long sistance neuron communication.   This could  explain how Parkinsons and other neurological conditions benefit from Chlorine dioxide.   More research is needed on this.

ClO2 eliminates bio film

ClO2  oxidation eliminates bio-film.  Bio-film provides a safe environment for viruses  and parasites to proliferate.    Parasites can compromise the gut wall and leak toxins into the rest of the body.  Neurological problems can follow when the brain-blood barrier is breached. Hence it is possible to treat Autism, Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons with CD.

CD does not damage human tissue.

CD kills single cell bacteria, but not multi-cellular tissue. The salt produced by the activated chlorine, is conductive; and there appears to be an electromagnetic discharge effect. The multi-cellular ceĺls survive by disseminating charges, whereas a single cell is overwhelmed by the oxidation.

CD is NOT toxic

According to Legal Experts, CNG Peritaciones Farmaceuticas Juridicas, ‘Chlorine Dioxide is a substance that, in normal conditions of use, does not produce toxic or undesired effects that are disproportionate to the benefit obtained’.  No-one has ever died as a result of taking  Chlorine Dioxide.

Oxygen + Salt = Energy

ClO2 gives your body energy to fight illnesses.   After a few days taking ClO2, you will notice that you have more energy , less brain fog, assuming that you have a sensible diet.

The bibliography of “Forbidden Health” includes 125 references to scientific publications.

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